Choosing the Best HT Pedal

Choosing the Best HT Pedal

Searching for the best clip pedal for BMX Racing? In this article we take a look at the T2 and X2 to help you find the best option for your racing needs.

HT has dominated the cycling clip pedal space for years and for good reason too. They offer a wide array of styles, colors, and features. But with more options, often comes even more questions. 

Today we look to break down the two most popular styles for BMX Racing and help you find the best fit. 

T2 vs. X2

While there are many more pedals to cover within HT's line up, the two primary styles you'll see at BMX Tracks are the T2 and X2. Each can be easily distingushed from their looks alone.

T2 Overview

Image of T2 clip pedal

The T2 is the smaller of the two pedal and serves as HT's BMX Race specific model. Its lightweight design along with its high spring tension makes it a top tier choice for Racers. The T2 is highly optimized for modern racing standards packing more of what you need and less of what you don't. 

X2 Overview

Picture of X2 clip pedal


The X2 is the more robust of the two featuring a much larger cage, resembling the appearance of a flat pedal. The X2 is also capable of incredibly high spring tension and in some cases has shown to provide a tighter hold than the T2s at max tension. 

Which Pedal is Better For BMX Racing?

Both the T2 and X2 can serve as excellent BMX Racing clip pedals. But there are some reasons to choose one over the other, so let's break down the advantages of each style.

Why Choose T2

The biggest selling point of the T2 is the weight. It's nearly 100g lighter than the X2 thanks to the smaller cage design. As carbon sole race shoes grow in popularity, there's almost no need for a large pedal cage. The ultra stiff shoes don't flex, meaning there's no real need for the support a larger pedal cage provides.

Along with the weight savings, the T2s are actually a bit cheaper than the X2s. So if you're looking for the cheapest option possible, the T2 is the way to go. 

Why Choose X2

At this point, it may seem like the T2 is the clear winner. However, the X2s come with their own set of advantages as well. In personal testing, we've found the X2 style of pedal to be the most durable. While the T2 is highly optimized for performance, it seems the X2 provides a stronger hold and firmer pedal feel.

While the larger pedal cage puts the X2 at a weight disadvantage, there's still advantages to be had. For one, the larger pedal surface makes the X2s easier to find when attempting to clip in. In general, the X2 is the easier to use for newer riders. Also not everyone has a super nice pair of carbon fiber clip shoes. If you run a softer soled shoe (less stiff) the X2 pedal cage will provide additional support under high stress. In other words, you can get similar power transfer of a carbon sole without spending hundreds of dollars on clip shoes. 

So it really comes down to which you prioritize, weight savings and optimization or durability and support. The T2s are lighter and cheaper, but the X2s are a touch stronger and provide more support. 

 SX vs. Trail

Picture of Trail and SX pedal side by side showcasing the hook plate

The differences don't stop at T2 vs. X2 as each model is offered in a trail version and SX version. This is where we see the most confusion amongst customers because there's also different pricing for seemingly the same pedal. So let's get you up to speed on the SX and Trail versions of these pedals. 

The trail version of any HT clip pedal is basically the 'stock' or 'base' version. It's the cheaper option of the two. 

The SX version features a special hook plate that wraps around the front wire bail of the pedal. This hook plate further increases spring tension making it harder to clip in and out of the pedal.

Why would you want that?

The SX plate provides a stiffer pedal feel and more secure hold. The last thing you want in a BMX race is to come unclipped. The SX plate helps ensure that never happens by keeping the pedals extra tight. 

While the SX version is technically an upgrade, it's not for everyone. Anyone can use them, but the SX pedal should really be reserved for experienced riders who are already comfortable with clipping in and out. Newer or smaller riders will find these pedals to be too tight. For someone just transitioning into clips, we almost always suggest the trail version of either pedal. But if you're someone who struggles with coming unclipped or can't ever seem to get your pedals tight enough, then the SX version is worth the extra money.  

SX and Trail variants are offered for both the T2 and X2 lines. 

The Wrap Up

By now you should be a near expert on the various BMX clip pedal offerings from HT. While there are many options to consider, this simply means you can find a pedal that perfectly suits your needs. You can find the T2 and X2 along with many other popular race pedals here at For any further questions feel free to reach out using the chat feature listed to the right of your screen. 

- Written by Jonnie Vance