Product Review: Radio Quartz

Product Review: Radio Quartz

The latest offering from Radio Bikes comes in the form of a sleek murdered out alloy frame. Let’s look into the Quartz to see how it performs in the real world.
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The Quartz line of Aluminum race frames is the latest offering from Radio bikes. Utilizing the track tested and proven design of the Helium frame as its base, Radio added various upgrades to the Quartz line making it their fastest alloy frame to date. 

The most significant change to the Quartz from the Helium is the all-new paradigm 6061-T6 hydroformed tubing. This upgrade in material allows the Quartz to shed considerable weight while also retaining maximum stiffness. 

With a stealthy paint job and matte finish, the Quartz retains the Helium’s forged dropout design allowing for full disc brake integration. Disc brakes appear to be the new standard thus future proofing the Quartz allowing you to run this frame for multiple years to come.

The Quartz is available in 6 different sizes and is guaranteed to be one of the lightest and sleekest machines at any race track.

Factory rider and 4x armature world champion Olivia Armstrong had this to say about her Quartz:


“The first thing that stood out to me when first receiving my Quartz frame was the stealth styling. It gave the bike a sleek profile that made it look faster just sitting in the garage. 


Coming out of the gate for the first time, I instantly noticed a difference in stiffness between the Quartz and my previous frame (Helium). The Quartz just felt like a premium race frame in all regards, which it should because it is one! The central region of the frame has little to no flex when applying the power, and thanks to that tapered headtube, the front end feels nice and sturdy in every corner!”


The Radio Quartz is a favorite amongst the Full Tilt Bike Co. Factory team and many of our customers. Most Factory riders look to the Quartz as their weapon of choice come race day. 


Because of all of this, we here at Full Tilt Bike Co. rank the Quartz high on our list of high-end race frames. The following is our traditional breakdown for the scoring of the Quartz frame. 


Price: 3 stars

Stiffness: 4 stars

Weight: 5 stars

Styling: 5 stars

Overall: 17 out of 20