Radio Solar Carbon Rim Breakdown

Radio Solar Carbon Rim Breakdown

Each year Radio expands its collection of high-end race components. The Radio Solar Carbon rim falls right in-line with this objective. Read more about the top-tier Radio Solar Carbon Rim.
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Radio is continually expanding its high-performance range of racing components year after year. The Radio Solar Carbon rim falls in line with this objective. A lightweight rim paired with quality materials produces Radio’s best rim yet. But all this sweet tech can’t go unnoticed which is why we’re here today. In this article, we’ll break down the important details of the Radio Solar Carbon rim so you can know what it will do for you!

Before diving into our first topic, let’s outline the major talking points of this rim.

Spec Overview 

  • High-performance TORAYCA carbon fiber
  • Tubeless-ready system
  • Front & Rear Specific models
  • 300g per rim


Construction is sometimes overlooked in favor of fancy finishes and paint, but that isn’t the case here. Radio spent years developing and testing the Solar rim prior to release. They even went so far as to say: 

“Our first Carbon Fiber rim was no easy feat. We spent years working closely with one of the best carbon manufacturers in the world.”

- Radio Bikes

That manufacturer is TORAYCA, responsible for assisting the production of some of the best carbon fiber components in our sport. While we can’t give you the exact grade, it’s one of TORAYCA’s high-performance grades resulting in a lightweight package with rigidity to match. 

It’s commonplace for people to assume that carbon fiber is the same across the board. But as we’ve learned over the years, the specific material used in production can produce very different results. Rest assured that Radio has already done the hard investigative work for you, and brings a rim package of the best fibers for the job. 

Varying Models

Along with quality materials, the Radio Solar rim also features two different models. Now customers are offered a choice between a front and rear-specific model. The most significant distinction is that the front rim sheds the brake track needed for V-brake use. Removing this track allows the front rim to save a bit more weight than its rear-specific sibling.  

If you want to get crazy with weight saving, you have the option to run two front-specific models through the use of disc brakes. This setup can help counteract the added weight of a disc brake mount and provide a sleek wheel profile at the front and back. But for our V-brake users, stick to the rear & front specific models since you’ll need that brake track to actually stop!

Minimal Weight

When it comes to rims, you want them as light as possible. Reducing rotational weight (moving weight) is far more effective than reducing static weight (fixed weight). We won’t go into detail about the differences in this post because we’re here to talk about rims. But the basics are that lighter wheels accelerate quicker which is crucial in a start-dependent sport like BMX Racing. 

Coming in at just 300g for a pro-sized rim, it’s safe to say that Radio achieved the objective. You won’t find a lighter rim in Radio’s lineup which is why the Solar rim sits at the top. To push weight savings even further, these rims come tubules ready! If you plan to or have already transitioned into the tubules world, these rims are a must for maximizing weight savings and reducing rotational weight.

Brining it All Together 

The Radio Solar Carbon rims sit at the top for good reasons. It’s lightweight and dependable, and we didn’t even talk about how good it looks! For more details on the Radio Solar Carbon rim, visit the product page here. We carry a wide selection of Carbon and Alloy rims so no matter your preference, we have something for you. 

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