Race Report: Rockford 2021

Race Report: Rockford 2021

The Midwest national did not disappoint. There was a whole lot of grey and blue out front as a handful of our riders won every single day. Read more to find out who did what this past weekend in Rockford, Illinois.
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Feels like just yesterday we were typing out the Nashville race report and we’re so stoked on Josh getting his first win. Well in Rockford he made sure to silence any talk of Nashville’s main being a fluke. 

Josh came out with a vengeance absolutely ripping down the Midwest drag strip in true Mclean fashion. Josh won every main this weekend and did it from outside lanes too. The boys are going to have their hands full with Josh all summer long. The dude is on a roll right now and doesn’t seem to be slowing up anytime soon.

Seemed like El Suave got the memo from Josh and mirrored his performance. Similar to Josh, 14X Sean Day laid down main event heaters all weekend taking home the win all three days.

Looks like he’s picking up where he left off last year and gunning for that National #1 Amateur title again this year. At this rate, things are looking pretty good for him. Not only is he snatching wins consistently, but he’s also doing so when the rider count is high! This is crucial for really maximizing those points. 

It’s no secret that McKenzie has been on an absolute tear this year. She’s got that black background number 1 plate for a reason, and she’s owning it this year. Skittles went on to triple up on 1st place finishes this weekend in pretty commanding fashion. 

Perhaps we will see her in the pro ranks next year? It will be interesting to see how she fairs amongst the fastest ladies in the nation. Only time will tell and we have our fingers crossed that her Pro Debut is in the near future. 

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That’s a wrap on the Midwest national. We have one week off and then it’s right back to the racing action for the Stars and Stripes Nationals. As the series moves east, perhaps we will see some our east coast talents step up as things will feel more at home. Stay tuned to for all the updates on the racing action following the national in South Park, PA.